Born and raised in Houston, you can have complete confidence that I will find you exactly what you are looking for, wherever it may be. Living here for 27 years, I have extensive knowledge in home valuation and will be able to provide accurate information in recommending the best price to list or buy homes.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I began my journey in Real Estate by flipping damaged homes with my father. As he would purchase homes, I would manage the team that renovated them. This beginning gave me the ability to identify quality construction, detrimental shortcuts, and work that needs to be done which can affect the pricing on a home to purchase or sell. I also benefited by committing to hard work and being able to problem solve when running into bumps, which are many when fixing a home. This characteristic translates very well into selling or buying Real Estate for clients because I know how to commit to work, give it my all, and make sure it is a job well done. Your happiness and satisfaction is my number one priority.

I received my Business Administration degree in Chattanooga Tennessee. Being the first to graduate in my family, it was a very big deal. My father's family moved here from Cuba when he was a child with absolutely nothing. Now he has a multimillion dollar net worth and I couldn’t be more proud of him. His example has ingrained in me a strong work ethic of seeing projects through from start to finish, to do it with the best quality, and do it with integrity.

Sell or buy with me and you will be taken care of and have my complete attention and service. I’m looking forward to serving you!