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Uncontestable leaders with over 25 years of experience Orly Benchetrit In her previous life, Orly Benchetrit was Chief Operating Officer/Partner in a high-tech company specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Knowledge Management.  Orly played a strategic role in the development and implementation of advanced software solutions for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. She brings with her the rigor required to operate in the corporate sphere as well as a client network that reaches right across the globe.Her extensive Business Development, eMarketing and Organizational Skills ensure that every transaction is brought to fruition seamlessly and effectively. Brigitte I. Burdman  Brigitte has been one of Montreal’s  number-one selling brokers for over 20 years. She brings unparalleled professionalism and expertise through the sheer number of transactions realized over the course of her illustrious career. Her studies at the Université de Montpellier  and degree in Labour Relations/Labour Law from McGill University have allowed her to hone her Negotiation and Relational Skills, reflected by her vast array of clients ranging from first-time condo buyers to seasoned home owners, including multiple  generations within a single family.  Over 2500 real estate transactions and counting Uncontestable leaders with over 25 years of combined expertise in Real Estate, International Business Development and Negotiation, Orly and Brigitte are driven by excellence and fueled by passion.  With over well over 2500 real estate transactions, this dynamic duo has the energy, drive and experience to deliver results.     Trust, reflected by their exceptionally loyal clientele, referrals and repeat business in an extraordinarily competitive real estate environment, is the foundation of their respective careers.  Clients have consistently sought their advice and judgment on many multi-million dollar deals, strongly depending on their up-to-the-minute knowledge of market trends, comparable sales and property values, and realistic viewpoints.     Orly and Brigitte are are deeply committed to their clients as they assist them in making one of the most important decisions in their lives.  Because they are always two on a file, they can ensure seamless service without interruption. They understand the importance of discretion and their code of ethics is unshakable given the nature of their business and the scope of their transactions.  In short, they are here to listen to your needs and to deliver on their promise in the most professional and responsible manner possible.   Call today to discuss the sale of your home.  They will supply you with a detailed  market analysis of comparable properties sold, as well as the active properties in direct competition with your own in order to arrive at the right selling price.  Why choose them: • For their extensive knowledge of the Montreal Real Estate market • For their vast network of local and international clients • For their seamless, concierge-level service • For their continued assistance and professionalism • For the quality and diversity of the properties they sell or represent in the most sought-after areas in Montreal • For the most effective marketing strategies to guarantee the sale of your house • For their continued innovation and adoption of ‘best practices’ so you can have a leading-edge • Because they will always put you and your family first and never compromise on what is best for you! Client testimonials ‘Quick and courteous service, a great understanding of specific needs, unbelievable availability, a constant focus on the client, and this level of service for over 24 years, what a team!’  Dominick Viola, New York   ‘Ms Burdman et de Ms Benchetrit’s advice and recommendations allowed us to buy our property with  complete confidence.  Their care and assistance throughout was priceless.’ David Schreiner, Montréal ‘Brigitte and Orly are totally focused on their clients.  They are both there for you and are quick to adapt to your needs. I recommend them without reserve!’  Nicole Elmaleh, Montréal ‘Their experience and understanding of the market really impressed me. I was able to find the ideal investment property in my targeted area very quickly.’  Philippe Zeitoun, Paris