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Alex Zaparinuk

Alex Zaparinuk Real Estate Advisor

Born on the Island and grew up in Oak Bay (just down the road on Transit rd). Previously worked in the restaurant and catering industries. It was actually Kris Emberley who was the original catalyst, that made my decision to work towards becoming a realtor a no brainer. His drive and enjoyment of the job was inspiring, to say the least. 

I always enjoyed the face to face aspect of working in the restaurant industry and, not to mention, Vancouver Island is a very exciting place to be in the real estate sector, right now. Be it all the developments being built, up and down the island, or the  markets ever changing landscape - Real Estate has always struck me as a constantly evolving industry and the day to day challenges of keeping up with those changes are what really drew me to becoming a Realtor. Never going to be dull!