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About Alvita Lindsay

My connections to Chicago and its neighborhoods run deep. I was born and raised in Chicago and grew up in a new construction home on a block full of neighbors. When I say neighbors, I mean the old-fashioned sense of the work - we did everything together! The connections ran deep. The teenage girls were my babysitters, my mother was their siblings’ Biology teacher and my father was precinct captain. We shared everything from baked goods to yards, which were filled with the neighborhood kids playing together. To this day, those neighbors are some of my oldest friends. This sense of neighborhood follows me in my adult life as I move from place to place and try to find that same sense of belonging I experienced growing up. Not surprisingly, it has brought me back to Chicago! 

My career in real estate started on the East Coast, where I worked as an Assistant to the Chairman of a family-owned real estate company that developed, bought and sold shopping centers, big box retail, and office buildings. My job involved placing environmental and property insurance, preparing investment numbers, and working with investors on a day-to-day basis. It was an easy transition to the residential side of real estate, especially after cutting my teeth providing through, non-stop service to high-income groups. 

Engel & Völkers embodies top-drawer quality and multi-million dollar level of attention, which is what drew me to Engel & Völkers and the Goldman Group. This is especially true within the Goldman Group, where each buyer and seller’s process is considered, measured, focused, and planned. I know this is where I belong to continue my residential real estate career. 

Real estate is everywhere! When you cross a street, the street is real estate. When you enter a building, the building is real estate. In everyday conversation, there will always be a reference to real estate. This prevalence of real estate in everyday life excites me and makes me want to educate and inspire others. My goal is to teach real estate classes and one day own my own real estate school. 

If you can’t tell, my other main passion is education. In my children’s schools, I worked through the parent organizations to bring after school science programs to the school district. I am a proud mom of a son serving in the Air Force and a daughter in college at NYU. I have instilled in them the same love for learning and education that I use in my everyday life. For fun, I love studying interior design, and fashion myself as the next HGTV advisor to the stars!