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Since the beginning of her career, Anne has achieved an impressive sales volume of 400 million dollars, broken down into 875 real estate transactions, "1 sale per week for 17 years".

This success is based on three main principles that dictate her actions: 
Be real, professional and hardworking.

A key figure when it comes to real estate in Quebec for 37 years, she inspires many brokers whom she mentors, starting with her son Alexandre who is in place since more then 5 years. Her highly specialized team is also made up of her two other children Antoine and Aurélie who take care of the management, marketing and organization of her activities. 

It's not surprising when you read her track record of success. Her career began in interior design where, for 20 years, she passed on her passion for work well done and signed hundreds of renovation and construction projects. First as a kitchen designer, she then worked in real estate development, construction, residential and commercial project management. Her ability to listen, her sense of aesthetics and organization have earned her an outstanding reputation and a loyal clients. 

Thanks to these client experiences, her continuing education in real estate law, architecture, new technologies and her constant search for excellence, Anne has carved out a privileged place for herself in Quebec City and is now enjoying resounding success, particularly in the sale of high-end properties where she has a record number of millionaire transactions. 

Anne will advise you throughout the delicate process of the sale and purchase of your new home by giving you access to her vast network of professionals who share her vision of excellence. 

Alexandre - Courtier immobilier résidentiel et conseillerAlexandre Boutet - Residential real estate broker and advisor

Aurélie - Directrice des opérations
Aurélie Boutet - Director of operations

Antoine - Coordonnateur marketing et réseau sociaux
Antoine Boutet - Marketing and social media coordinator