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About Curtis

Curtis brings 10 years of financial service experience, from Senior Management to Mortgage Specialist he is able to use his experience to raise the level of customer service in the Real Estate Industry, one customer at a time. Every life altering event is an opportunity to create or update your goals. Having the experience to confidently recommend a financial strategy from tax planning, retirement goals, investment strategies and investment income through real estate, Curtis breadth of knowledge from the financial Industry has proved to be a major benefit to all of his clients. Over 10 years of experience and consultation Curtis has facilitated thousands of mortgages for clients who are selling their existing home or a first time home buyer entering the market. To Curtis, this is a very empowering and satisfying experience to be a part of. This empowerment has developed into a passion for providing Real Estate Services. Curtis since his early twenties has bought, developed and sold properties through various holding companies and subsidiaries. Curtis is as passionate about real estate as he is about living in Vancouver. Living an active lifestyle with his family means enjoying what Vancouver has to offer each day of life. Whether it is running the sea wall, Golfing Marine Drive, a hike to deep cove or swimming laps in the Kitsilano pool, you can bet his family and 2 year old son is with him every step of the way. Truly believing Vancouver is one of a kind and no place in this world can match the feeling one gets when the mountain range is piercing the Vancouver skyline. Living in Vancouver is an easy decision, finding a home that is improves your lifestyle, reduces stress and is suitable to your finances is what Curtis can bring to every conversation.