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After 3 years of practicing physical therapy, Elissa took a short break to be a full-time mother. That is when she decided to finally pursue her passion for real estate, and became a REALTOR. Elissa is keen on details. She listens to her clients. Her specialty in Real Estate is to provide Home Buyers with an exclusive service- the luxury service that they deserve when making such a large purchase. After carefully interviewing her clients and knowing their interests, she is able to identify their wants and needs, pertaining to both a home, and a town. Elissa spends days, and weeks researching before she presents their best options. She operates as a consultant, not a salesperson, and that is the reason for her success. Elissa has a vast knowledge in construction and with renovations. She is savvy on material and renovation costs, as well as, how to re-plan a layout. She measures, draws by hand and electronically, newly planed layouts for her clients whom are interested in moving walls, rearranging kitchen set-ups, adding bathrooms etc. Elissa works with a large construction company, All Dry USA, assisting them with their clients renovation layouts, space planning and choosing the materials for their remodels. Elissa loves to help others both personally and professionally. Professionally, she enjoys sharing her knowledge about Delray Beach and all the different neighborhoods with my out-of town-clients as I drive around to give them a full tour of the area. Growing up as a daughter of an active-duty Army soldier she has lived and traveled all over the world which gave her a deep passion for traveling. Nevertheless, she is most passionate about her wonderful husband and amazing children. When she is not working, she spends time with her family and friends. When she is not working you can find her in her pool, hosting barbecues, boating and surfing/wake-boarding in her Lake Ida backyard. Even after growing up all over the world and travelling to exotic/ rural places, she still loves this "All American City by the beach" the most and the has grown the fondest for the people who live here. Everyday life here in Delray Beach, Florida is better than a vacation. In the past Elissa has volunteered to teach special needs children & Autistic children how to swim. In Elissa's first official year as a REALTOR, she reached $3.8 Million dollars in sold homes, all from personal marketing and referrals. At the end of the day, she wants to be remembered for her caring nature, her extreme honesty and her passion for always doing the right thing.