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Erica Lambert

Erica Lambert Real Estate Advisor

My name is Erica Lambert, and I have been a resident of Slidell, LA for the past 14 years. 

I was born and raised in New Orleans and graduated from Francis T. Nicholls in the 9th Ward. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fond of the styles of homes throughout the city of New Orleans and the culture that comes with them.  As a young girl I grew up in “Shot Gun” style homes. They were my favorite style!  I loved to help my mom repair, repaint, and remodel the homes we were raised in. To this day I still enjoy repainting and redecorating a room and making it look like a totally different space.

Before transitioning into a stay-at-home mom, I spent 10 years in Medical Administration and was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Medical Organization. I am also currently the CEO of two businesses that I own, an Event Production Company and an Eye Wear Brand and have an awesome team working with me! I have even served as the PTA President of at my youngest son's school, a non profit organization, for the past seven years! As you can see, I love to keep busy. My children are what keep me moving.  
Now that my three sons are older, I decided it's time for me to pursue a passion that I have always had - Real Estate. My background in customer service transitions seamlessly into Real Estate. I am able to serve my clients first and always with the utmost confidentiality. I understand what home ownership means. It is a Goal, a Dream, and a Process that can become a Reality.  I hope I can make the dreams of homeownership come true for those I will have the pleasure of serving and advising. Let me help you follow your dream, home. 

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