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About Gabrielle

Enthusiasm, discretion and loyalty are just a few of the self evident truths or origins serving as the core of knowledge and understanding practices by Gabrielle Ashbaugh MBA, PHD, Realtor®. Associations include the California Association of Realtors (CAR), The Los Angeles Multiple listing service (the MLS), as well as member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Southern California born and raised Gabrielle graduated High school at the age of 16. At 18 Gabrielle was out in the world with her quintessential essence to guide her life’s path. Gabrielle sees each client’s desire for an outer manifestation of their inner being in the form of luxury residential estates, aviation and yachts, for what it truly is- the desire for the means of freedom and benefit. Gabrielle has a history of successful multi faceted careers in cutting edge celebrity dermatology, oncology, oculoplastics, business funding as well as business buying and flipping, cosmetic consulting, corporate credit building, exotic car purchases, in addition to being a current Beverly Hills business owner/CEO, and Global Real Estate Advisor. These experiences have proven to pay off in a really tangible way by exercising other interests as well as developing my capabilities and knowledge in these sectors closely with high level players in many different worlds, creating an elite network. Engel & Voelkers, Beverly Hills decision to have her on board has added another profound and positive effect on her life and the life of others. 

For me these are not contradictory career experiences, as an eclectic person across all avenues of activities, music, movies, sports, art, there is one word to describe me- insatiable. When it comes to the things you want to do, the goals you want to achieve and the speed and level of which you want to achieve them, all are possible with the mindset and strategic plan to do so. Engel & Voelkers has allowed me the privilege to precisely provide exclusive services on behalf of buyers, sellers, investors and developers whom I passionately represent in Los Angeles residential properties, aviation and yachting. The highest value assets you have: your mind, body, health AND YOUR SPACE hence the greatest importance of owning real estate. It’s a measure that is the highest aspiration; getting people to think about their own participation in the world around them as an already or perhaps pursuing land owner. The way Gabrielle carries herself throughout the world is with a quiet confidence which can be added to skills that demonstrate her dedication to prioritizing her buyers and sellers needs first, with upmost attention to detail in every way. I put my whole self into everything I do. There is nothing you can’t do, when you let the best side of you take over. Using the strengths inherent to the prestigious high tech platforms offered through Engel & Voelkers combined with my mission to improve others' lives through authentically communicating reality, confirms how critical it is to create what is lacking which brings meaning to being an innovator. Notice a stark level in difference with what you will get with Gabrielle’s universal appeal – all demographics “get it.” Gabrielle has a unique point of view for achieving the American dream giving her a global reputation for excellence. Socially responsible, environmentally aware, and committed to sustainability.