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About Jillian Smith

Jillian was born and raised in Pearl River, Louisiana. 

She is a professional and driven realtor who brings a stylish approach to the
home buying and selling process with unique qualities that sets her apart. She is
a client focused agent who will work to help each motivated individual to possess a home where they can make special memories. 

As a lifelong resident of southern Louisiana, she has great familiarity with the
residential properties which enables her to connect clients with the hidden gems
in the area.

Prior to being a realtor, Jillian was a paramedic and forensic investigator. This
explains her keenness for detail and zest in helping others solve problems. Her
passion and great desire to work with people drove her to the world of real
estate. She builds trust with every client and a commitment that keeps them
coming back. 

When Jillian isn't selling real estate, she loves spending time with her family, woodworking, sports and the outdoors. JIllian currently resides in Pearl River, LA with her husband and their three children. 

Let Jillian help you follow your dream, home.

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