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About Leila Perez

What do I mean when I say, “from house to home”?

Well, for one I realize that my job is not to sell houses, but to serve my clients’ individual needs.

I know you have your own ideas and want a place to truly call home.

I know this is where your family will gather, and memories will be made. ​

I know that your home is often a safe haven; a place for your hobbies, creativity and crawfish boils.

​I also know that when we are working to sell your home, your heart breaks since this is a place where you have done so much. You have set up nurseries, marked your children’s growth up on a wall, stayed up late working on your career, and this is where you learned how to use YouTube as a guide in home repairs. (We have all been there!)

Now, another person will be enjoying watching the Saints games in that very living room where you have hosted so many times before.   

It is a tough transition, and this is when my clients truly become family to me. They share with me their fears, and frustration but also their excitement and upcoming plans!

When you work with me, my goal is to listen to what you need, protect your best interests and to treat you with the level of respect you deserve from a professional. 

In the end, my job is to make sure I see the way that your house can become a home! 

For more on what I can do for you, what I have done and who I am, visit leilaperezteam.com.

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