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About Steven

Living in Los Angeles since 1979, Steven Kaufman has a passion for local architecture and beautifying the community. He is inspired by furniture design, architecture and architects, as he was directly influenced by his father’s interior design career. In his early business life, Steven enjoyed taking care of people as a hairdresser and would often look through the architectural digest and furniture magazines that came to the salon. He noticed that modern furniture was similar to the furniture his father displayed in their home during his youth. He left the hair dressing profession to work at Jules Seltzer furniture show room, while meanwhile researching designers and architects, and designing the furnishings for people’s homes. Through working in many residences, Steven became interested in luxury high-rise living and in the idea of selling people their dream homes. Steven earned his real estate license in 2003 and has continued to share his love for architecture and furniture by helping people to create a home that inspires them and enhances their lives.