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After graduating University of Miami Business School, Steve earned his CPA and joined the family Accounting/Software practice in NYC. In addition to accounting and Tax software, Steve’s primary focus was on Real Estate investment opportunities for our clients. Steve was involved in the acquisition and Co-op conversions of many of the properties. 1984 brought many changes and opportunities for Steve. He joined the development team that purchased the rights to build 40 Days Inn hotels in California. Steve, head up the Real Estate acquisition team and successfully developed over 25 properties from Sacramento to Chula Vista. Always looking for new opportunities, Steve moved back to NY to join a firm that supplied building materials and office furniture to many new development projects and a majority of tenant build outs. Steve moved his family from the City to Paradise and for the past 13 years Steve has worked with 1,000’s of Associations and Condominiums throughout the state. He plans to bring his knowledge of the industry, influencers met along the way and a leadership role on dealing with homeowners whether buying their nest egg or selling their memories. Steve’s success has been his drive, consistency and the ability to build relationships.

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