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The Muskoka Region has always been the countries go-to destination for cottage life. Over the last decade this stunning area of approximately 4,000 square kilometers, surrounded by numerous lakes, rivers and communities has carried on its legacy as Canada’s premiere Cottage Country. The breathtaking region of Muskoka is encompassed by three large freshwater lakes – Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka – with Canadian Shield granite surrounding to enhance the miraculous beauty of the Muskoka region. Touted for its enormous cottages and illustrious living, Muskoka is, without a doubt, the epicentre of Canada’s cottage and recreational living. With approximately 1,600 lakes and only a 90 minute drive north from Toronto, if you are searching for serenity, the Muskoka region is where you are certain to find it. Gravenhurst, Huntsville and Bracebridge are the largest of the communities in the area. Huntsville has the largest population of the three, hovering just under 20,000 permanent residents. During the spring, summer and fall, the influx of cottagers and tourists transforms this already boisterous region into the ‘place to be’. Bala is an intriguing small town located in the western part of the Muskoka region. Known for its abundance of cranberries and simplistic appeal, Bala is another haven that cottagers have been flocking to. Muskoka has everything that a connoisseur of life yearns for; the illustrious homes and cottages that make up this region are just the beginning.