Building out the Perfect Home Library

February 9, 2022

For an avid reader, a home library is the ultimate luxury. Not only is it the ideal spot to curl up with a good book but it can also be an escape from the world outside your home. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and if you need to take one, why not do so in a room straight out of the pages of your imagination?

The shelving, lighting, style, seating and décor of home libraries all come together to craft your ideal home getaway to transfer you to new worlds.


Your book collection is the room’s focal point, and how it is displayed can make or break a library’s design. Thus, it is important to take care when choosing your shelving. There are an abundance of options available, including built-ins, free-standing shelves, floating wall shelves and even geometric patterns. If you’re looking to maximize space, think about extending the shelves vertically. Not only do high shelves look grand but they provide more storage and take up less space than their wider counterparts.

Of course, with high shelves, you’ll want to purchase a rolling ladder to ensure access to the entirety of your collection. Ladders that match the library’s shelving or flooring can tie a room together while making books accessible.


When lighting a home library, consider your ideal brightness level while reading to ensure the space is suitable for its intended purpose. Often, home libraries incorporate rich woods and low lighting, but personal preference should dictate the lighting design in home libraries. 

Large windows that invite in natural light are a great place to start, especially for daytime readers. Or you can take it a step further with a well-thought-out lighting scheme which is not only functional, but also offers an aesthetic reward. For spaces needing a little more assistance, floor lamps can be extremely versatile and functional. Lamps, especially with a great shade, can bring both utility and design to the forefront. And for a truly elevated space, LED-backlit shelves will give any book collection an air of intrigue.


As we challenge the stereotype of a dark, wood-paneled library, homeowners have the chance to input personal style into the design. A modern room with bright colors and sleek furniture creates a more futuristic space. An industrial design contrasts modern luxuries with timeworn, traditional design elements. You may be interested in the traditional, vintage aesthetic, but personal touches can transform the space.

Regardless of your design preferences, the most important aspect to consider when styling your home library is the environment. What exactly is it that will make grabbing a book and getting lost in the pages irresistibly easy for you? Only one person can answer that question.


Seating is of the utmost importance to any alcove, especially the ones we read in. While sculptural, statuesque furniture can be appealing, your home library is the place to streamline comfort and ease. No reader wants to be distracted by uncomfortable seating in the middle of an engrossing story.

Whether it be a sprawling sofa, an elongated chastise or a nook secured between shelves, the seating experience should be as luxurious and cloud-adjacent as possible.


Now that shelving, lighting, style, and seating have all been addressed, it’s time for décor. The finishing touches, the fluff, is what will transcend your home library into the world of fantasy. 

What destination is calling? Which historical novel cannot be put down? Who is the character with undeniable style and taste? Asking these sorts of questions can help craft the decor that will bring life to a vision. There is a plethora of pillows, throws, rugs, antiques, etc. that are waiting to be woven together in one, final space.

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