Design Trend: Japandi Decor

November 2, 2021

Your home is a personal sanctuary, and, as such, it should feel like one. While some homeowners prefer the extravagant decor and self-expression of maximalism, others find refuge in minimalist styles like Japandi. This design style dates back over 150 years, developing as Danish designers and creatives traveled to Japan upon the end of the country’s closed border policy in the late 1800s. Danish designers, influenced by the enigmatic and fascinating new aesthetic, began integrating elements into ceramic crafts, architecture, and furniture.

A mix of Scandinavian and modern Japanese aesthetics, Japandi decor encourages healthy and purposeful lifestyles and connections to nature. Intentional and sustainable choices create the perfect oasis, separate from the busy world outside of the home. Here are five ways to create a personal sanctuary using Japandi decor.

Peaceful Color Combinations 

Start building your zen paradise with soothing colors. Earth tones and simple, natural textures create a rich, sleek aesthetic, and cobalt, teal, sky blue, and pale green accents brighten the space. Pale green especially accentuates elegant indoor plants and subtle leafy greenery associated with this style. Layering multiple shades of green creates a neutral base for furniture, and fusing playful patterns ensures that, despite Japandi’s sophistication, the home will never lose its hygge (coziness).

Use Natural Materials 

Japandi design leverages natural materials, such as unfinished woods and bamboo, to create free-flowing, calming spaces. Replacing clutter with beautiful, organic pieces connects the home to the natural world rather than the material. Homeowners often incorporate warm or light wood to refresh and brighten the space. Shoji panels can be used for both practicality and art, acting as room dividers to create privacy. A jute pouf and woven wool blankets and throws can help to support ease and warmth. 

Hinoki Cypress Soaker Tub

Hinoki Cypress tubs, or Orfuros, have been used in Japan for centuries. Their valuable cleansing properties help to purify the mind, body, and soul. This uniquely styled tub is known for its restorative properties and ritualistic cleansing. Aromatherapeutic wood creates a spa-like feel, soothing stress with natural fragrances like cedar and ginger. Additionally, Orfuros are eco-friendly; so, homeowners can relax, assured that they’ll be cleansing themself in harmony with the earth. 

Bright Entryways

Infuse organic modernism into the home with slender, bright entryways. To refresh entryway decor, consider incorporating a simple yet quality bench with live edge wood and eliminating excess clutter. A bench can transform an entryway from a purely functional passageway into a cozy and welcoming nook. The welcoming charm can be enhanced with marble top console tables, handwoven baskets for blankets and umbrellas, and dried florals.

Floating Cabinetry

Floating cabinets are nothing if not chic. High-quality pieces, like floating bathroom or living room vanities, make rooms feel airy and spacious. The cabinetry doesn’t just add to the sleek aesthetics; it also provides convenient, unimposing storage without making a room feel claustrophobic. The necessities are always easily accessible without impeding the atmosphere with disorganized clutter.

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