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September 8, 2021

The latest issue of the GG Yachting Magazine is now available. Explore this season’s edition, focusing on luxury yacht sales.

In 2019, the global recreational yachting market was valued at $29 billion USD and projected to reach $35.4 million USD by 2027. Unfortunately, boat and engine manufacturing firms faced huge losses during the first two quarters of 2020 as COVID-19 disrupted supply chains and production schedules globally; however, the market started gaining traction again soon after. 

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, in May 2020, new boat sales rebounded sharply, up by 59 percent over April 2020, and up 9 percent from pre-pandemic levels. The recreational yachting industry continues to attract participants, competing strongly with rival luxury leisure pursuits. It is estimated that there are at least 140 million active boating and water sport enthusiasts worldwide, including almost 100 million across the U.S. and Canada, with 36 million in Europe and more than 5 million in Australia. 

Yachts of the Future

Chance really doesn’t stand a chance at McConaghy. The renowned, Sydney-based boatbuilders work with precision and passion on the wishes of future owners. The end product? Spectacular yachts with futuristic touches, each crafted from an innovative combination of materials. These breathtaking superyachts continue to set new standards with forward-looking approaches.

The award-winning motor yacht ADASTRA is simply sensational. Appearing more like a spaceship than a luxury yacht, the shimmering, silver trimaran has a projectile-shaped hull with two needle-shaped outriggers for stability.

“We hire naval architects from all over the world, and we have our own in-house engineers, designers and draftsmen who take care of all detail furniture, system, deck layout and drawings.”

Mark Evans, Group Managing Director at McConaghy

For the ADASTRA, the Australians worked with naval architect John Shuttleworth to develop a superstructure that uses state-of-the-art composite materials for both structural parts and internals. Carbon fibers around a honeycomb core form the load-bearing elements; the hull consists of a foam sandwich with glass fiber and Kevlar. Even the furnishings, by Jepsen Designs, use honeycomb support panels for the oak cabinets. Using these composite materials reduces the weight of the hull and optimizes speed and consumption while maintaining or even improving stiffness.

Timeless Yacht Design

Doug Zurn, who founded Zurn Yacht Design in 1993, says the most exciting thing about being a yacht designer is seeing the dedicated attention paid to every detail come to fruition in a successful collaboration between designer, client, and builder. It all started with a 21-foot daysailer; now, Zurn Yacht Design builds 65-foot motor yachts.

Zurn’s clients reach out to him because the yachts currently on the market, new or used, do not suit their needs. Instead of buying what is already for sale, these luxury buyers will work with Zurn’s team to design and create custom yachts. The team listens carefully to client ideas and begins the process of putting “pen to paper”. It almost always starts with a profile and several back and forths with the clients, listening to their needs and how they want to use the yacht. Next, the yacht designers put their own spin on those needs to produce a timeless design that meets or exceeds performance expectations.

Pure Pleasure

Recently, family activities have propelled growth in boat sales and rentals across the fishing, touring, and day-cruising markets. As more families acquire boats, demand for docking space on the water has been increasing, causing homebuyers to look for one special feature in particular– a private boat dock for their waterside property. It’s not a question of value alone. A private dock is a perfect spot to dive into the water or sit at its edge enjoying the sunset. 

Plenty of properties boast stunning private decks, but a luxury home on the Saanich Penisula stands apart. Nestled on a hidden plot, with a secluded, private dock for easy exploration of the coastline, the property represents the very finest in West Coast living. Surrounded by lush forests and gardens, this unique estate capitalizes on the stunning seaside setting and provides resort-style living year-round. The 11,000 square foot main home balances elegance and comfort throughout to create a luxurious living space. A two bedroom waterfront guest cottage provides a beautiful space for guests and family.


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