Elevating Your Halloween Decor

October 4, 2022

Fire burn and cauldron bubble, does Halloween decor bring your mind trouble? 

Both frightening and whimsical, October allows us to unleash our creative side with a little Halloween spirit. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of decor options—even for those in search of a more refined aesthetic. To get you started, we think you’ll find these three ideas positively bewitching. 

1. “Fresh” Flowers.

This Halloween take on a fall bouquet subtlety nods to autumnal design motifs without sacrificing your home’s aesthetic vision.

All it requires is for you to collect and vase exclusively dried flowers and leaves—hydrangeas make for a full and gorgeous display. By gently alluding to seasons past and displaying the beauty of change, flowers like these can be a lovely way to transition your decor into the fall season.

2. For the absolutely wick-ed.

Nothing says Halloween quite like a playful arrangement of candles, and you can try your curatorial hand by assembling dark-colored candles in different shapes and sizes. The selection of candles has truly never been greater, allowing a creative design to perfectly blend your personal taste, seasonal spirit, and distinct style.

3. Movie-worthy Vignettes.

By dedicating one or two spaces to Halloween, you can fully embrace the holiday spirit without it spilling into the rest of your home. Here are a few different ideas of focal points that you can build your vignette around that will keep your decor engaging and may just take your guests’ last breath away. 

Start with a tablecloth.

Take a cheesecloth (or antique lace tablecloth if you are feeling particularly fancy) and let it dress your table all season long. Add a little flare with seasonally-inspired flatware, and you have a tablescape to die for. Both options draw inspiration from one of Halloween’s fundamental elements: spiderwebs.

A sculptural spell.

For decorators who aren’t scared of bolder choices, a skull can be the perfect centerpiece of your vignette; however, a bust can also be an on-trend alternative. (Believe it or not, busts are they are making quite the comeback.) With that being said, a carefully selected bust or skull exudes Halloween spirit while maintaining a high level of year-round relevance—something that you can keep around even after Halloween ends.

Place your focal points on a mantle, table, or tray and surround them with your favorite books, candles, and objects that fit your Halloween theme. 

Decorations that defy gravity.

Some people may add decorative webs, bats, pumpkins, and candles just anywhere, but why not weave a truly intriguing story? Mirrors and mantles are a blank canvas for your creative prowess. These classic elements can be re-imagined and elevated with some mind-boggling, gravity-defying, and visually-intriguing pieces.

Decorating for any holiday is meant to be one thing and one thing only: fun. The beauty of Halloween is that you can embrace the season in ways that reflect the seasonal feelings, moments, and traditions that mean the most to you.

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