EVX | Day 1 Recap

April 26, 2021

Today was the first day of EVX — covering inspiring conversations and insights from leaders in the industry, and we are only just getting started! Here are some of the takeaways from today’s sessions:

  • Andrew Carros, license partner at Engel & Völkers, gave an emotionally provoking reflection on the year that was, with a reminder to all of us the responsibility we have to provide professional value to the industry and our communities as we look toward the future. 
  • President & CEO, Anthony Hitt, stressed the importance of challenging ourselves each and every day to provide relevance to our clients, communities and families — consciously asking ourselves, how do I provide value? How do I adapt to the now or foresee trends that makes me a trusted advisor? How do I anticipate the needs of my clients?
  • Michelle Silverthorn of Inclusion Nation shared five actions to build inclusion in our networks to ensure everyone who enters our unique sphere of influence feels that they belong:
    1. Be intentional: Make a plan and set goals to building inclusion
    2. Center work on respect: Respect someone because of who you are
    3. Slow down our thinking: Engage in perspective thinking and observe what is happening in a single moment for everyone to increase objectivity
    4. Stand up and speak up: When you see something problematic, say something 
    5. Commit yourself to community and to the work so we can rise together
  • In the Tipping Point panel, top Engel & Völkers real estate professionals discussed what differentiates them and what practices and mindsets help them achieve continued strength. From referrals, mentorship, marketing, the benefits of the Private Office designation and learning from those around you, all agree, the work to rise to the top is never done. 
  • Geoffrey Bray, license partner of Engel & Völkers Minneapolis challenged us to remove “lead” from our vocabulary, and explains how making this shift will have impact on conversation rates. Rick Foster, license partner of Engel & Völkers Annapolis, conducted a deep dive into aligning the service economy concept to converting referrals in his tactical, 4-step process. 
  • Best-selling author Alex Banayan closed Day 1 with an entertaining keynote sharing lessons learned on his path to discovering how some of the most successful individuals on the planet achieved greatness. 
    • There is always a way to achieve your goals — but to be truly exceptional, it’s likely you are not taking the same entrance as those around you. 
    • Fear is very good at making logical choices. When you acknowledge fear, analyze the consequences of your actions and decide you care so much about it, you make a conscious effort to take a step forward, and you are on your way. That’s true courage. 

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