EVX | Day 2 Recap

April 27, 2021

EVX keeps getting better and better! We hope you enjoyed Day 2. Here are a few takeaways from today’s sessions: 

  • Christian Völkers, Founder & Chairman of the Supervisory Board shared how Engel & Völkers grew successfully from Europe to the Americas, and the realizations with bringing the brand into this new and very different market. He also addressed how the addition of Anthony Hitt as CEO propelled Engel & Völkers Americas to new heights and looks forward to continued growth. 
  • Three Engel & Völkers advisors discussed how they generate new listings and navigate clients through a low inventory market. From using continuous messaging, video and advertising on social media, specifically, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and stories, to ongoing SEO strategies (a blend of Google Ads and organic content), it’s all about consistency. For these advisors, they are doing it all, including door knocking, print mail and behind the scenes navigation to ensure for every new listing there is one to purchase for their clients. 
  • Ann Renée Miciak spoke with two consumers about their home buying and selling experiences during the pandemic. From emotional connections, establishing niches, passion, patience and the hunger to succeed, hear from the most important people in our business, the client, on what to do (and what not to do), as it relates to service. 
  • Walter Johnson and Leeann Iacino of Engel & Völkers Yachting Newport Harbor explain the value in leveraging  Engel & Völkers Yachting within your real estate business, including referral opportunities, waterfront and lifestyle expertise — this is a true differentiator for advisors. 
  • In the Digital Dominance panel, Engel & Völkers advisors shared social media and digital marketing strategies that fit their unique business approaches and personalities. From getting started in digital advertising using tools such as Adwerx to multi-faceted campaigns across social media, email marketing and more, analyzing metrics is key. Build a portfolio of authentic, creative content, inclusive of photography and videos to keep your content calendar vibrant. Go beyond the listings, and give people insight into who you are as a person. Develop ongoing themes to establish a cadence; so your sphere knows what to expect, and you continue to keep your brand alive. 
  • Jenni Hogan, advisor at Engel & Völkers Park City told us her story of how she moved from the technology and marketing industry into real estate. Using her expertise, she started working FSBOs in a small area specializing in and saturating that area with marketing to build her reputation. She discussed the steps and life events that brought her into the world of real estate and the thoughtful and slightly unconventional moves, including shifting marketing dollars from advertising to relationship building, that have helped her become a leading advisor. 
  • Stuart Siegel, Global Head, Development Services, drove an insightful discussion with Engel & Völkers experts surrounding new construction and developments in this ever changing climate. Strong demand is causing communities to literally be built around the tastes and needs of buyers who are relocating from other regions with micro amenities that create the ultimate destination residents. From “glamping” communities and indoor wellness environments- built to fit the new normal to how immersive technology condensed the sales cycle, if you’re looking to expand your development business, this session is not to be missed. 

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