EVX | Day 3 Recap

April 29, 2021

That’s a wrap! EVX 2021 closes with another phenomenal day of sessions and conversations, here’s a few takeaways.  

  • Engel & Völkers leaders from around the globe discussed trends and forecasts for their respective markets, including:
    • France
    • DACH
    • Southern Europe/Middle East
    • Dubai
    • Los Cabos, Mexico
    • Montrèal
  • Ken Dara, global real estate expert, from Engel & Völkers San Francisco shared his tips on leveraging global opportunities to enhance your business:
    • Data intelligence. Gain access to companies that can provide you with international/cross border clientele through your Chamber of Commerce or human resources department of companies with international employees. 
    • Make meaningful connections. Create rich, informative content to make a smooth transition. Many people are relocating with zero resources — collaborate with experts in your global network to share content locally and globally. Educate your global buyer to give them an understanding of who you are and what you represent, especially with powerful video content.
    • Travel. Visit the countries that link you to your clients so that you understand the culture and how those people live. 
  • Michaela Cordes talks about GG Magazine and its evolution over the past five years. Covering lifestyle topics, the environment, culture, and real estate, Michaela explained they are defining luxury differently, through important topics including sustainability which has a broader interest with readers. The goal of GG is to “inspire and entertain people for at least 20 minutes.” She also sees GG magazine as an entry ticket for advisors in starting and engaging with client conversations. 
  • 98% of quotes about luxury have nothing to do with price. This sentiment was the thread throughout James Aguiar’s keynote on What Makes for a Luxury Brand? With luxury, comes a deeper connection. It’s related to time, history, experience, quality, detail and craftsmanship. Apprenticeship and mentorship are very important when speaking about luxury because it means that something will last over time — there is an emotion to it. “The feeling stays with you, it lingers. The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” 
  • Real estate superstars and Private Office Advisors, Sam Real, The Robinson Group and Paul Benson share how they became real estate advisors to high net worth individuals and celebrity clients. Nurturing spheres, immersing yourself into the communities and within the properties you desire to align yourself with and taking advantage of chance moments — there is no one path to this niche. However, it’s important to anticipate what’s next for these clients and ensure that your team can deliver. People succeeding at a high level are attracted to those who are doing the same in their discipline. Come armed with research, discretion and a commitment to excellence. The Engel & Völkers brand appeals to a celebrity as it does to a first-time homebuyer. We’re approachable. Think you’ll never break into this niche? As The Robinson Group explained, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Always bring your A-game. Give the same level of excellence to a $400,000 listing as you would a multi-million dollar listing. You never know who your client knows. 
  • Matthew Ferrara gave a thought provoking talk on “The YOU Normal.” He discussed the importance of reflecting back on how challenging times may present opportunities for growth and change, as opposed to being a hindrance. Turning uncertainty and change into calculated risk is an inherent part of being a real estate professional, as your clients buy and sell homes when they are making changes in their lives. He challenges us to push beyond the past and embrace a new idea of the future and possibility. 
  • Bertina Power of Engel & Völkers Chicago shared her ten tangible takeaways for success:
    1. Be of intention and goal oriented. 
    2. Be on message 24/7.
    3. ABCD:
      Attitude (Positive)
      Build relationships
      Calendar, EVERYTHING
    4. Overkill, overtime, 
    5. Run your business like a business. Be the CEO of your business. 
    6. Always bring value to your clients.
    7. Competence is a habit, not a trait. 
    8. Focus, follow up, follow through. 
    9. It takes contacts to make contracts. 
    10. Make the choice to take the chance to make the change.

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Thank you for joining us! #EVX

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