Fall-inspired 2022 Home Design Trends

August 30, 2022

Leaves edged with yellow, orange, or red. Brisk air, maple syrup, and cozy days wrapped in a sweater. While it may seem like a shock, autumn and all its vibrance are right around the corner. Whether your typical fall comes with pumpkin flavoring, apple picking, or a hay ride, it’s undoubtedly a refreshing time of year.

As the leaves change colors, many homeowners invite the fall atmosphere into their homes by making seasonally-inspired interior design updates. Whether these changes last a season or a lifetime, they more often than not refresh existing trends from early 2022 with a crisper charisma. Fall collections from home interior giants—like Arhaus and CB2—offer many familiar favorites with detail-oriented fall modifications. 

Be it small swaps that bring a cozy fall feeling, or walls in character-rich, earth-toned pigments, there is something for everyone this upcoming season. 

Small Swaps

Maybe furniture and walls drenched in neutral hues are a little heavy-handed for your tastes, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle, nuanced ways of introducing fall into the landscape of your home.

A Fall Bouquet

Have a spare basket from the garden that you planted this past spring or summer? Great. Grab that, and get ready for some light foraging. 

A fall bouquet is both beautiful and cost-effective. Include any tall grasses, branches, leaves, and stones that are within reach, and thoughtfully arrange them in glass or ceramic vases; topped with burlap or a seasonally-appropriate ribbon, these can be soft yet stunning autumnal additions.

Sensing a Change

If the fall aesthetic doesn’t resonate with your personal style, consider catering to the other senses that play an equally vital role in establishing your home’s personality. Swap spring and summer candles’ fresh, floral notes for a more robust cinnamon scent. Another subtle change could be using and curating a collection of antique, wooden cutting boards—they can even be hung to introduce a little fall-inspired tone and texture to your walls. 

A Touch of Fall

Want to immerse your home with an autumnal spirit? A plethora of fall furniture and decor options also cater to year-round enjoyment. 

Turning Tables

Whether for the dining room or to perfectly accent a sofa, tables are a great way to change a space’s character. Marble tables are nothing new in the world of interiors; however, the fall season calls for those with warm-toned veins. This slight, seemingly unnoticeable swap can help ground and center your home. 

Talking Texture

Upholstery is a fundamental element of any room, particularly rugs and carpets. Not only can these elements be visually appealing, but they feel great underneath our feet, too. Braided, natural fibers present an opportunity to incorporate autumnal themes with an effortless and luxurious style. A jute rug can be a lovely place to start!

Picture-perfect Layering

Fashion isn’t the only industry that enjoys playful, elegant layering during the colder seasons. The same principles can be employed in an interior to create a unique, complex personality and sense of depth that you really love. Throw pillows, blankets, and mixed-matched gallery walls can all be utilized to achieve this effect—the only rule is to gravitate towards the colors, patterns, and textures that you find interesting. 

Autumn, Amplified. 

Any of these ideas can inspire substantial changes that command a newfound presence within your home. Grass-textured wallpapers can beautifully resemble the textures of a fall bouquet while installing warm-toned marble countertops can act as a year-round reminder of how soothing earth-toned materials can be. No matter the way, this season of change presents limitless opportunities to let things fall perfectly into place.

As we continue into the year, everyone at Engel & Völkers sends their warm wishes. And if you are looking for any advice about how home improvements can impact a property’s value, lean on our global sphere of trusted, local experts—who are always happy to take the time and set up a consultation.

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