Five Creative Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

May 4, 2021

The living room is one of the most versatile rooms of the house, whether you use it to work, read or unwind after a long day. Not only can you use it to spend time with family, but it also serves as a place to host friends and entertain. Since we’re all spending more time at home, this room is more useful than ever, and it may be time for an upgrade. From taking time with your family to go through old photos for a gallery wall, to adding a statement lamp and plants to brighten the space, there plenty of ways to restyle your space.

Whether you are looking to redecorate or just want some inspiration, we gathered five of the latest design trends to revamp your living room.

Add Some Statement Lighting

The right lighting in a living room can provide the perfect ambiance for a family gathering, relaxing, reading, or watching a movie. Lighting can change the whole mood of a room and be a perfect way to add some dimension without being too showy. A well-lit living room ideally should have layered lighting that illuminates all four corners to create balance and a pleasant atmosphere. Add in a sculptural light or eye-catching metallic lighting for a pop that is still simplistic.

Create your own Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a perfect way to add personality to your living room. You can mix and match frames and get creative and tell a story. A gallery wall gives you an opportunity to hang art that means something to you, whether it’s your artwork, your children’s, or a family portrait. This wall allows you to display décor from travels, family vacations, or even just your favorite art prints. This is a perfect way to create a curated vibe and give life to your living room.

Be One with Nature

Bringing nature into your home is the perfect way to create a serene and relaxing setting. Flowers, ferns, and grasses do well in small pots and are perfect for a living room. These plants will purify the air as well as increase your well-being. Try using natural materials such as wood, stone, or slate for furniture and hand-woven wool rugs for comfort and warmth. Natural color palettes such as chalk, sand, dove grey, muted sage green can also have a calming effect.

Display Books in Style

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf cannot only be practical, but stylish. If you are an avid reader with a large book collection, it creates the perfect place to store your growing book collection. A bookshelf adds a nice focal wall and brings an elegant feel into your space. Even add a bench or seating next to it and curl up with a book. To display your books more creatively, add artwork, cases, and accessories.

Make it Cozy

A living room should be a place where you can relax after a long day. To give your living room a more homey feel, add rich textures and rustic accents. This can help give it that serene feeling without losing the appeal. Velvet, chenille, and linen are great textures that create a comfortable atmosphere. Try a faux-fur throw blanket, a velvet throw pillow, or a reclaimed wood coffee table for a subtle feeling of warmth.

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