Five Scarily Elegant Halloween Decor Ideas

October 24, 2018
Five Scarily Elegant Halloween Decor Ideas - Chocolate

Halloween may be one of the most fun and lively holidays of the year, giving you and your friends full reign to explore your creative (and spooky) side. Often, however, traditional decor lives up to being shabby instead of sophisticated. With the help of ELLE Decor, here’s some festive, but oh-so-chic, inspiration if you’re looking to move beyond Halloween stretch cobweb and plastic skeletons for your decor.

Dark & Decadent Desserts

Rich dark chocolate desserts are always a foolproof crowd pleaser. Top them with enchanting fall florals to prove you’re the neighborhood expert on all things glamorous—and delicious.

Statement Pumpkins

The statement pumpkin is today’s reinvented jack-o’-lantern, but all the more Instagram-worthy. Take any bruised pumpkin, cover it with luxe fabric, embellishments or metallic gold, and voila—it’s transformed into your own photo-ready masterpiece.


Deep Florals

At first, delicate floral arrangements may not scream Halloween, but they can be more dark and brooding than you think. Take deep florals like dark red dahlias and combine them with hardy leaves like dusty miller greens to instantly elevate your table setting.


Beyond Orange

Orange is so passé. To amplify your table setting even further, try creating an all-black canvas with white and metallic accents. Incorporating antique items such as old clocks, candelabras and masks can create additional texture and intrigue and serve as failsafe conversation starters. This table decor is a little bit of glam rock, but all sophisticated glamour.


Creative Cocktails

Spice up the average martini by adding red dye to your beverage (or concoction) and fill up vials instead of traditional glasses. Tying personalized name tags written in eerie calligraphy around each vial can add extra frightening flare.

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