GG Magazine Journeys into the World of Well-Being

December 7, 2020

The latest issue of GG Magazine is now available. Explore this season’s edition of your Global Guide dedicated to health and the individuals making our world a healthier place.

This season’s edition of GG is dedicated to health and wellness and celebrates the various individuals who are making our world a healthier place. Join us in exploring Lanserhof, the modern health resort currently building its fifth spa on the North Sea island of Sylt, and meet the mastermind behind the design, German architect Christoph Ingenhoven, who in an interview with GG reveals all about the healing aesthetics of architecture.

This issue introduces us to other fascinating individuals from around the world who hold an acute focus on health including fitness icon Tracy Anderson and start-up founders Kristel de Groot and Michael Küch. Take a trip to the laid-back Danish capital Copenhagen, learn more about the meditation app Calm that is helping 30 million users around the world relax, and discover how cameras in hospitals are making day-to-day clinic life easier.

Join us on a journey into the world of well-being.

News from the Global CEO

CEO, Sven Odia discusses emerging trends coming out of the pandemic and how luxury real estate fits into that equation. Many consumers are wondering if now is the time to make a move, but according to Sven, residential real estate is a safe investment in times of crisis, especially in the luxury segment.

“It’s difficult to predict how the coronavirus pandemic will develop, but I feel very positive about the future of residential property markets.”

Lanserhof Medical Spa

Does architecture have healing powers? Guests at Lanserhof health resorts can enjoy the tranquility of minimalist surroundings with all their senses. Each Lanserhof location specializes in regenerative intestinal cleansing and is focused on preventive medicine. Surrounded by natural wood, organic hues, and walls devoid of artwork, the gaze is drawn toward the outdoors. German architect Christoph Ingenhoven is responsible for soul-soothing aesthetics.

Having trademarked Lanserhof locations in Tyrol, Tegernsee, Hamburg and London, the Düsseldorf native is now working on the most elaborate Lanserhof medical spa to date, on the North Sea island of Sylt. Click here to read more.

When there’s nothing left to eliminate, that’s when our work is complete.


Your Super

None of us eat enough fruit and vegetables according to Kristel de Groot (30) and ­Michael Küch (32), creators of Your Super. The superfood powder mixtures they invented help people discover healthy eating. Based in Berlin and L.A., Your Super employs 60 people, boasts 370,000 followers on social media and has sold over three million mixes. Click here to read more.

Take a Breath with the Calm App

During times like these, reducing stress and learning how to find inner peace has become the next big thing. Over 30 million customers have already downloaded the innovative meditation app Calm. Every day, 75,000 new members sign up to access its tutorials on mindfulness, breathing techniques and falling asleep. Click here to read more.

In a world of constant stress and information overload … comes the chance at last to pause, to breathe, to calm our racing minds.


Tracy Anderson’s Exercise Revolution

Tracy Anderson may be the world’s most famous personal trainer, but that’s only a small part of it. She built a global fitness empire, took over as CEO of her own business in 2018, publishes a glossy magazine, sells fitness apparel and accessories as well as 170 workout DVDs. Click here to read more about her online rise to exercise stardom.

The small ­­muscles are key to building your best body.



For all these articles and more, you can view the full issue below or click here. Enjoy your read.

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