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September 8, 2020

The latest issue of GG Magazine is now available. Explore this season’s edition of your Global Guide, highlighting sustainability and the individuals changing our world for the better.

Featuring a new, redesigned look, this season’s edition of GG introduces us to a host of personalities whose innovative ideas about sustainable solutions are turning the world as we know it upside down. Meet Anya Hindmarch, who returned to her company as CEO earlier this year and launched a collection of handbags made from recycled plastic bottles, leading the way in sustainable-fashion by using existing materials to create transformative style. In an interview with GG Editor-in-Chief, Michaela Cordes, Hindmarch reveals the interesting reason why she filled the windows of her shops with 90,000 used plastic bottles back in February and the tremendous response it garnered.

Travel with us to secluded, sustainable Bawah Island, meet environmental activist Sir David Attenborough, enjoy the Asian aesthetic of the dreamy buildings created by architect Kengo Kuma, and learn how Oatly, a small Swedish company, turned oat milk into a highly desirable lifestyle product.

News from the CEO

In this all-new regular feature, CEO, Sven Odia discusses emerging trends coming out of the pandemic.

“A home offers protection, warmth, and security. It is also a space that reflects its owner’s personal preferences and needs and can be designed accordingly. In times of the coronavirus pandemic, we tend to spend more time than ever in our home, and this haven of retreat that we have created for ourselves takes on a whole new meaning.”

Based on our observations over the last few months, we can see the following four trends emerging:
1. The importance of entertaining and providing entertainment in a private setting.
2. The desire for independence and self-sufficiency – not just in times of emergency.
3. A new appreciation for life in the country and increased demand for areas outside major urban centers.
4. People are looking for properties that feature an extra office or other types of separate rooms – like playrooms for children.

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Rubbish Deluxe: Anya Hindmarch

She’s the iconic designer, founder, and comeback CEO of luxury leather goods brand Anya Hindmarch. For this businesswoman and mother of five, fashion always also meant taking on responsibility. Her latest collection is made from recycled plastic bottles. Click here to read more.

I’m not an eco-warrior, I’m just trying to use common sense.


Oat to Joy

Shrewd marketing and a convincing communication strategy have turned Oatly into a hugely popular lifestyle brand. All over the world, people are discovering the Swedish market leader’s sustainable oat-based products. It all began with founder Rickard Öste and a crazy idea in a lab more than 30 years ago. Click here to read more.

Planet Attenborough

You could call him the good conscience of nature. Sir David Attenborough, now 94, has been advocating for a deeper understanding of the beauty of our planet for 70 consecutive years. Now the extraordinary natural historian has turned into an environmental activist. Click here to read more.

There is more meaning and mutual understanding in exchanging a glance with a gorilla than any other animal I know.”


Green Fantasy: Bawah

In times when it’s better to remain at home, it helps to let the mind wander. At this eco-friendly island retreat in the South China Sea, social distancing takes on a whole new meaning. Only 70 exclusive guests are allowed to visit simultaneously. Click here to read more.

Looking for a new kind of happiness

Instead of concrete, this influential architect embraces warm materials and traditional Japanese techniques. Kengo Kuma always strives for harmony with nature. An approach he took as well when designing the National Stadium in Tokyo. The Olympic Games are to take place here next year. Click here to read more.

I’ve turned my attention to wood as a material a lot more purposefully than in the past.



Change the world with us. For all these articles and more, you can view the full issue below or click here. Enjoy your read.

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