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December 2, 2022
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Explore the latest issue of GG magazine—a global guide dedicated to uplifting individuals and companies around the world.

This season’s issue of GG magazine, The Travel Issue, inspires you to visit the places you have yet to discover.

In this issue, we introduce you to the ambitious New York fashion designer Tory Burch, who found her dream holiday home on the Caribbean island of Antigua. You’ll also meet Sonia Cheng, the CEO of Rosewood, a fast-growing hotel group that has expanded into Europe’s historically rich cities. Finally, discover how the Belmond Group (under the luxury firm LVMH) is reinventing its sophisticated portfolio of legendary trains, elegant safaris, and distinctive hotels.

Tory’s Hideaway

Tory Burch reclined on a bench.

Ocean blue is one of her favorite colors; perhaps this is why Tory Burch—the woman behind one of the world’s most successful fashion and lifestyle brands—found her dream home on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Burch’s meteoric rise as an entrepreneurial star in the fashion industry has led her signature brand to become a household name—with 350 boutiques located across 39 countries. On top of that, the successful business leader has made it her goal to support other women through the Tory Burch Foundation, which offers help and expertise to women starting their own businesses.

When there’s a bit of time left in her busy schedule, the mother of nine children and stepchildren travels to the Caribbean and relaxes for a few days at her island home. The iconic residence was originally built by Bunny Mellon, and Burch has preserved her design choices.

Bunny had perfect taste, and it was subtle; she mixed humble and refined, antique and new. When lemons fell from the trees, she liked to leave them exactly where they landed. There was nothing frivolous about the house. It was all balance, beauty, and integrity.

Tory Burch

At the end of the day, however, Burch and her company’s goals transcend successful sales; each element of every collection helps empower the people who wear them with confidence.

When I hear women say, ‘you make me feel like I can face anything, I feel powerful wearing your clothes’—there is truly nothing better.

Tory Burch

Read more about Tory Burch, her fashion and lifestyle brands, and her stunning home in Antigua here.

The Icon Collector

A Rosewood hotel.

The pandemic hit the travel industry hard, but Chinese hotel group Rosewood is investing in its resurgence. CEO Sonia Cheng is executing an ambitious program aimed at doubling its current portfolio. In Europe alone, five new hotels will open their doors in the next five years—each one a unique establishment with a rich history.

Cheng looks to preserve a “sense of place” in her locations. She does so by imbuing the hotels with the culture and history of their locales. As CEO, Cheng is an ever-present figure and, despite Rosewood’s rapid growth, involved in every detail, even with matters such as selecting lamps on the other side of the world.

From the outset, it was Cheng’s ambition to internationalize the group and to update iconic buildings to make them more attractive to the younger generation. Her interest in the new and unusual is also a characteristic of her company.

I want us to be perceived as the most progressive and innovative of all the hotel groups.

Sonia Cheng

There aren’t many women running top hotels, let alone international hotel groups, and Cheng is dedicated to helping other women ascend the career ladder too.

Read more about Sonia Cheng and Rosewood here.

Under the Radar

A luxurious hotel room.

Legendary trains, elegant safaris, distinctive hotels—the Belmond Group’s portfolio stands for unmatched sophistication. Their next chapter? Combining high-end luxury travel with culture and art.

We want to celebrate the legendary art of travel.

Arnaud Champenois

When it comes to the group’s Venice location, Cipriani, you feel the magic the moment the gently rocking wooden motorboat drops you at the hotel’s private pier. This legendary hotel on Giudecca Island is an oasis of peace within its bustling city. Details like its peach-colored walls, inspired by the Bellini (which was invented here), create a magical atmosphere where guests have every opportunity to drink in the sun, exhale, and relish the dolce vita.

Read more about the Belmond Group’s extensive luxury portfolio here.

London Cool

Townhouses in London.

London is a bustling city shaped by its royal heritage, yet inspired by the next generation of young and innovative people. Here, ancient tradition meets modern luxury—a unique mix that makes the British capital irresistible.

The global city on the Thames is more than generously endowed with illustrious buildings like Kensington Palace, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and the famous Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster. At Buckingham Palace, the monarchs’ official residence, King Charles III has been on the throne for the last few months following the 70-year reign of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

The city’s rapidly changing skyline is dominated by glass and steel skyscrapers. Architect and designer Sir Norman Foster has immortalized himself with multiple structures, including the Gherkin and Millennium Bridge. The Thames divides the center into two parts. On the South Bank, the jagged Shard towers into the skies, while the London Eye keeps watch over the city’s more than nine million inhabitants.

Read more about what makes London so unique here.


For all of these articles and more, you can view the full issue below or click here. Enjoy your read.

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