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Elite Retreat 2022 Recap

Engel & Völkers’ Elite Retreat is an annual personal growth summit that dives into specific, thematic subjects—focusing on how our mindset and actions make us invaluable to both personal and professional stakeholders. Over the course of three days, participants have the opportunity to spend…

September 13, 2022

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Buying a home is one of the most important personal and financial decisions that you’ll make in your life. In today’s market, it is essential that you understand the journey you are about to embark upon. Complex and seemingly contradictory economic headlines have misled…

September 7, 2022

GG Magazine Shines a Spotlight on Mindful Living

Explore the latest issue of GG magazine—a global guide dedicated to uplifting individuals and companies around the world. This season’s issue of GG magazine is known as The Mindful Issue—inviting us to take a step back from our often hectic lifestyles and find new ways…

September 2, 2022

Fall-inspired 2022 Home Design Trends

Leaves edged with yellow, orange, or red. Brisk air, maple syrup, and cozy days wrapped in a sweater. While it may seem like a shock, autumn and all its vibrance are right around the corner. Whether your typical fall comes with pumpkin flavoring, apple…

August 30, 2022

Local Profile: Lake and Mountain Views, Oh My!

Welcome to the latest iteration of our Local Profile series, where we share one of our shop’s listings and highlight the best-of-the-best spots around town. Whether you are looking for a home or a homecooked meal, we’ve got you covered.  Between its breathtaking and…

August 23, 2022

The Newest Addition to the London Skyline

Engel & Völkers Development Services In addition to providing globally-known, white-glove real estate services, Engel & Völkers’ devoted Development Services team translates the same principles into residential development projects; along every step of the process—from design to execution—our unique fingerprint has crafted some of…

August 16, 2022

Architectural Wonders Worth Visiting

As pandemic restrictions have lifted, travelers are once again venturing out of their home countries to explore the world—be it via land, air, or sea. The tourism industry is back and running, with nearly 76% of Generation X comfortable traveling. Going abroad is your…

August 9, 2022

The Keys to Outdoor Living

Kitchens, dining rooms, and sitting areas across the Americas are getting a major refresh—and not just those located indoors. Today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for properties with outdoor spaces that have been planned, designed, and executed as meticulously as their indoor counterparts.  Luckily for…

August 2, 2022

Local Profile: The “Athens” of the South

Welcome to our blog’s first Local Profile—where we share a local shop’s listing and highlight the best-of-the-best spots around town. Whether you are looking for a home or a homecooked meal—we’ve got you covered.  Known as the home of country music and the Grand…

July 26, 2022