Seasonal Design Tips & Trends | Thanksgiving Edition

November 13, 2020

It’s that time of year again, temperatures are dropping and the holidays are upon us. Autumn has always been a well-loved season for people who adore fall foliage, warm scarves, and pumpkin spice drinks, but it also paves the way for Thanksgiving, a time for everyone to gather around with loved ones to enjoy a nice meal and feel grateful for their blessings. Although the holiday season looks a little different for many of us this year, there may never have been a more important time to spruce up your space with some festive and decorative cheer.

To bring the warmth indoors, designers suggest bringing warmer colors into your home, replacing flowers with foliage, and adding chunky woolen pieces to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere for the season. And for Thanksgiving specifically, your design efforts should focus on where all the action is, the dining room table of course. From elegant colors to Thanksgiving-day table settings, we have selected several seasonal inspired design tips and trends to elevate your home this season.

Seasonal Design Trends


The holiday season is all about the artful use of color. One of the best ways to create an inviting home for you and guests to enjoy is by maintaining a color-coordinated theme. Elle Decor suggests bringing fall indoors by using warm color palettes such as brown, orange, or deep green to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Hues of yellow can also add drama while creating a brightening effect for a dreary space. Use a select amount of accent pieces to liven up your room and incorporate hues found in nature. For a more evergreen approach, focus on earth tones to marry fall and winter decor.


Another artful way to liven up your home while keeping with the season is to try swapping out your roses and flower arrangements for some earthy foliage. Eucalyptus branches or even green leafy plants can add hearty texture and a feeling of freshness while still fitting the aesthetic of colder seasons.

Chunky knits

Nothing like cold weather outside and the warmth of a fireplace inside to make you feel like cozying under the blankets. Incorporating chunky knits in the living room and bedrooms can create a homey and comfortable mood. Try draping wool merino blankets or even hand-knit options on your couch or at the foot of the bed to create the perfect atmosphere for your post-Thanksgiving meal naps.

Thanksgiving Tables

Table Settings

Just because a large turkey and side dishes are Thanksgiving’s main attractions, that doesn’t mean your decorations should be an after-thought. There are a number of ways to bring your Thanksgiving day tables to life. No matter the size of your gathering, creating an inviting but chic table can be achieved with just a few simple pieces. Try mixing patterns by using varying tablecloth designs and napkins to create an interesting and eye-catching visual, being sure to maintain one cohesive color scheme. A popular trend in 2020 and an exciting way to mix things up this year is the use of the color pomegranate. “The rich, ruby hue leans into the on-trend hues of terra-cotta, blush, and rust for a fresh twist on the classic autumn vibe,” says Heather Goerzen, creative designer at Havenly.


If you want to create a table setting that will appeal to all of the senses, an elegant centerpiece will bring your family and friends together in style. From elaborate driftwood sculptures to seasonal flowers to pared-down candles and pumpkins, there’s no one way to dress up your dining room. If you’re opting for a classic look, place fall harvest vegetables such as green gourds, acorn squash, and pumpkins in the center surrounded by red and yellow leaves or flowers. To add a bit more drama and liveliness, consider adding fairy lights to the center. What’s better than one centerpiece? Try multiple! Adding more than one centerpiece at your table, such as varying glass vases, flowers, candles, and other seasonal items, can ensure that every guest has a great view. Click here for some centerpiece inspiration to transform your festivities with ease.

Thanksgiving Dessert

Impressing guests goes beyond table settings and centerpieces, creative and artful cuisine can go a long way since, after all, food is the focus of this festive holiday. Be bold and instead of opting for the typical pumpkin or pecan pies, try this scrumptious pear pie with red wine and rosemary. A perfectly balanced recipe that combines a flaky handmade pastry crust with tender and flavorful wine-tossed pears, this dessert is not only delicious but the perfect final touch to a delicious and artful Thanksgiving table.

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