Stylish Shelving for Storage and Display

December 15, 2020

When designing the spaces in our homes, it is important to consider both the aesthetics and the efficiency of our design choices. Shelving provides both storage space and ample room for creativity making them the perfect addition to any home. Whether you choose built-ins or a removable option, shelves and their contents work together to enhance the design of any room. 

The best part about shelving is the abundance of options available. From free-standing to built-in and wall shelves, the options available to homeowners is staggering. Here are five shelving options that can tie any room together.

Built-in Shelving

Built-in shelving is a great option for creating beautiful, functional storage space in a home. Rising to the ceiling, these shelves provide plenty of storage and allow for maximizing previously unused space for personal knick-knacks, books, or family photographs. The simplistic design and neutral color allow the objects on display to take center stage in the design of the room. Further, many built-ins come with cabinets and drawers underneath, excellent for packing away clutter while maintaining a sleek design.

Free-standing Shelving

While built-in shelving is ideal for storage, free-standing shelving is often easier to work into a home’s decor and more flexible in usage. These shelving units can be moved from room to room, or even house to house, and don’t require the complex dismantling of built-in units. The wide variety of materials, colors, sizes, and design options available ensures that there is a shelf for every room in your home. 

Floating Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves emphasize the items on display rather than the shelf itself. Floating shelves already appear to hang magically due to their hidden shelf supports. When these shelves are glass, the objects on display begin to take on a more ethereal presence as the shelf floats into the background. These shelves are best suited for display as they highlight the items on the shelves and complement other design elements in the room. 

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are popular as they take the previously wasted space where two walls meet and add both decor and storage. Corner shelves are often used in kitchen spaces as commonly used utensils and ingredients can be kept close at hand while still being out of the way. When storing items on these shelves, it is essential to be selective to avoid a cluttered look. Color schemes, matching storage jars, and an eye for detail ensure that these shelves are styled to perfection. 

Geometric Shelves

Geometric shelves like this hexagonal design are a great way to include personality and whimsy into any room. The flat bottoms of these shelves make it easy to display or store items while still differentiating themselves from standard shelving options. Modern and unique, these shelves make any room feel one-of-a-kind. 

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