The Keys to Outdoor Living

August 2, 2022

Kitchens, dining rooms, and sitting areas across the Americas are getting a major refresh—and not just those located indoors. Today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for properties with outdoor spaces that have been planned, designed, and executed as meticulously as their indoor counterparts. 

Luckily for designers and homeowners alike, the options for these exterior enclaves have never been as expansive as they are today. Whether you choose to install an outdoor kitchen or refresh furniture, the decision to elevate your outdoor living experience is a cherished characteristic of haute-living. 

Outdoor Kitchens: The Focal Point

When properly executed, an outdoor kitchen can be the centerpiece of your patio space; even better, and similar to their indoor counterparts, an outdoor kitchen can provide the perfect spot for everyone to gather and connect. 

Building an outdoor kitchen can be quite a simple project with a little planning. Logistically, appliances must be located in an area that is conducive to ventilation and provides protection from seasonal weather changes (dependent on your climate). Designers should ensure there is enough space for all the elements of a standard kitchen, including a stand-alone grill, refrigerator, bar, and sink. 

Additional furnishings, appliances, and accouterments can be customized to your personal taste. Wood-fired pizza ovens, outdoor sound systems, custom lighting, cabinetry, and countertops are popular installations for outdoor kitchen spaces. 

Outdoor Dining: Where Memories Are Made

Outdoor meals with family, friends, and loved ones are the perfect time to make memories. Your flare for al fresco dining will ultimately decide the direction you take your open-air eatery, but we suggest a westward orientation; this way, you can capitalize on late-afternoon light and warmth, avoid the direct midday heat, and dine beneath the charming exuberance of sunset. 

Weather-proof furniture is the only must-have when it comes to decor selection. Beyond that, whether the area becomes a bucolic, earth-toned tablescape or a whimsical medley of colorful flatware, pillow coverings, and tablecloths, the resulting atmosphere will undoubtedly become a lovely setting for your outdoor lifestyle. 

Gardens: The Perfect Garnish

A garden of any kind—be it herbs, fruits, vegetables, or flowers—can bring a unique sense of regeneration and rejuvenation to your home. 

Your first consideration should be the location of your garden—a crucial factor in its success as most plants require anywhere from 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. The local climate will also play a pivotal role in which plants will bloom, when, and for how long. Rather than getting lost in a tropical garden blog when you are based in the northeast, focus on the networks and establishments of gardening experts in your regional community. 

With a little planning and a lot of attention, your home will blossom with the fruits of your labor, be it rich fragrances, delectable tastes, or delightful bouquets. To make the most of your garden and experience all its splendor, create a cozy sitting area delicately tucked within the surrounding greenery. 

The concept of indoor/outdoor living has stood the test of time. Thus, no matter the direction you take with your outdoor improvements—be it a kitchen, dining room, garden, all three, or something else entirely—they offer great opportunities to enhance your home and lifestyle.

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