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A degree from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, combined with 24 years of experience in marketing and sales, and topped off with a passion for delivering outstanding service formed the foundations of Agi Smith's career in real estate. Her extensive background in the business working as a marketing consultant for publicly traded companies has given her the experience and tools to be successful in it. Having obtained her license over 20 years ago, Agi has always believed in the great value and opportunity that real estate presents. Starting her career in real estate with a prestigious firm in Los Angeles, where she specialized in estate properties in the exclusive areas of Brentwood Park and Beverly Hills, Agi has always believed that helping people buy or sell their homes starts with an integrated marketing program. Having parents who have resided in Napa Valley for over 35 years gave Agi the impetus to move here several years ago with her daughter and make Napa her home. Her passion for creativity and marketing stems from her love of cooking, evidenced by the culinary degree she holds from the Institute of Culinary Arts. Agi has entrenched herself in the Wine Country, volunteering for a multitude of charitable events—most notably, working annually as a volunteer coordinator for the world-class Napa Valley Wine Auction.