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About me.

Ensuring a quality buying experience for my clients has become a top priority in my career. I have over 3 years of sales experience, and I worked my way to the top of the nation in sales while representing Directv and At&T. The relationships I build continue to be of utmost importance to me- I ensure they are treated with both care and integrity.

My dream is to become a lifelong realtor for every client I help in their homebuying journey. My young age allows me to have the motivation and drive to provide a positive, energetic experience for my clients. I use advanced marketing and have developed strong technological and communicative skills, which helps streamline my responses and keeps me up to date with the tools I need to succeed in any task I take on.

My love of music and the ocean makes Laguna Beach the perfect place of business for my high energy, self motivated personality. From the live music in the park to the gym that I work at, I never fail to bring a smile to the faces of my clients and colleagues.