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About Angela Brough

For Angela, understanding the needs and goals of her clients is just as important as understanding the market she works in. With a tireless drive to serve her community, Angela goes above and beyond typical industry standards when it comes to client service and attention to detail. By taking the time to learn about each of her clients and their unique criteria and circumstances, she is able to efficiently identify the right homes for buyers and develop the perfect marketing strategy for sellers. Angela sees every real estate deal for what it is – an enormous and consequential personal decision in the life of a client, and not just a number in a long list of transactions. Building community, acting ethically, nurturing relationships, and sharing knowledge – these are the driving forces behind Angela’s business, and the values she strives towards every day.

In her free time, Angela enjoys hiking with her husband and their two dogs, spending time on the Rideau River and having game nights with friends. Those nights can get pretty heated though, as her close friends know, she's quite competitive so you must come prepared.