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About Angie Kloote

Angie Kloote


You never really appreciate something that you don’t earn.  Angie Kloote was taught this life principle at an early age, and it became the foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit.  In fact, it became clear to her how deep that foundation ran when she ordered an Ancestry DNA report, and found that most of her ancestors were also entrepreneurs that came here on the Mayflower.  

Throughout her childhood, Angie was surrounded by people with a variety of backgrounds and personalities.  Her adopted Dad was from Illinois and came from a family of educators. His family was very prim and proper. Her Mom’s North Georgia family, however, provided a fun-loving atmosphere which reminded her of the cast of Dukes of Hazzard.  This taught Angie to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, which would serve her well in the business world.  

After she graduated from high school, Angie’s Dad wanted her to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer. When she told him she didn’t want that path, he informed her that she had to pay for college herself.  Rather than give in, she started an earring business, selling to different boutiques to pay her tuition That was the beginning of her entrepreneurial path. She also knew she had to out-perform her competitors, and the only way to do that was to out-service them. This realization is how she earned the motto, ‘Extra Mile Agent’.

Today, Angie goes the extra mile to assist executives and investors using her keen business acumen and quick action so they receive a confident and turnkey solution.  Her corporate experience makes her perfectly suited for executive clients and other entrepreneurs. She also owned and operated a Lilly Pulitzer Retail Store which became one of the top 10 of its kind in the country.  She’s a seasoned investor who shares her knowledge, network, and resources with other investors. Finally, she has an exceptional talent for home staging and preparation, which helps her clients prepare to sell their home fast and at full value.  

Angie’s energy and extra-mile tendencies extend to her adventurous side as well.  She’s an accomplished scuba diver, who has faced bull sharks and barracudas without a cage.  She also loves to paint, travel, and visit her South Florida home for deep sea fishing and Michigan condo for snow skiing.  She’s an avid supporter of our Armed Forces, and has many family members and friends who have served and continue to serve. From childhood to present day, Angie understands what it takes to overcome, to serve...and to succeed by going the extra mile.