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About Annie

Annie Claudio is a distinguished and seasoned Real Estate Advisor of more than 20 years experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, practicing since 2001. Accustomed to the diverse culture in the local region, Annie is well diversed in her clientele of all backgrounds. Fluent in Spanish by her Puerto Rican heritage, and has helped many to obtain the American Dream of owning their very first home. 

With her background as a loan officer prior to obtaining her Real Estate License, she found the transition to be a smooth one and advantageous. She understands and assists homebuyers of all experiences for their future home purchase, creating a smooth streamlined process. An expert on the neighborhoods of Dallas/Fort Worth, she is well knowledged in her sense of direction of the metroplex.

Raised as an Army brat, she’s been able to experience the world of traveling and learn different cultures at an early age. Annie is attracted to traveling across the world when not working. Having lived in Puerto Rico, Germany, Panama, Miami/Orlando, Georgia, North Carolina and now Texas which is her forever home. Annie has ventured to Central and South America, The Caribbean, United Kingdom, Europe, and The Middle East multiple times. Once a year she attends a mission trips outside of the United States to help the less fortunate.  This year she will be attending her 5th mission trip and will be going to Colombia. She is accompanied by her two children, a son currently serving active duty for the US Army in the 82nd Airborne Division and a daughter studying Biology at Pittsburg State University. Also an animal lover, she is loved by her two dogs: Romeo, a white beautiful German Shepherd and Shayla, a true Miniature Siberian Husky. Family is very important to Annie and she recognizes that with everyone who is in the buying process to help accommodate the best home for their needs.