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About Ayana Howard

I am a young, eager, and ambitious Realtor who currently resides and works in the New Orleans, LA area. I have one sibling, my big sister, and she is currently in nursing school. She has blessed me with a beautiful and intelligent niece.

Growing up, I loved school! I participated in social clubs, academic groups, school plays and I was one of the best cheerleaders you've ever seen!  I remained active in college as well but slowly transitioned into working and interning.  I worked some retail and customer service jobs, Best Buy and Apple Inc. just to name a few. I have also had the privilege of interning at some pretty cool places such as WWL-TV, a very popular local news station.

I have always been told by classmates, friends, teachers, and family that I am always a big help to them. So with my work experience and background I decided to get into real estate. Since I’ve always been a people person the decision to enter into real estate was easy!

Since Hurricane Katrina, I want to do my part in rebuilding my city... Helping people buy and sell their homes in the beautiful city of New Orleans!

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