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About Me

Lucky, whose passion has always been real estate, is a native of Kosovo and speaks three languages; English, Spanish and Albanian!

A graduate of The University for Business and Technology in Kosovo, Lucky came to the United States seeking the American dream! Lucky has worked facilitating auto manufacturing and selling parts, restaurant servicing, and now he is following his longtime passion for real estate.

Lucky, his nickname, is actually the translation of his given name “Fat”. Lucky is a tireless hard worker, listens to your needs, and will help find you the right home or investment that is just right for you! 

As an integral part of Robb Saar’s team, a “Private Office Advisor” and top producer, we strive to put you first, listen to you, always be discreet and conscientious of your needs.

Lucky looks forward with his enduring energy to service and help you in All your real estate needs.