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About Marcie Bolt

With a bolt of lightning, there's no such thing as "halfway." It either strikes with full intensity, or it doesn't exist. The same may be said for Marcie Bolt, a long-term professional - both a Real Estate Advisor and Broker/License Partner. Once you put your real estate goals in Marcie's hands, they're as good as done. Marcie commits herself 100 percent, nothing less. Her approach inspires great confidence from clients as she knows the ins and outs of real estate transactions and processes. Marcie also understands that every client is different, and she tailors her service to meet individual expectations. Though moving can be stressful, clients value and depend on the sense of peace Marcie brings about as she successfully navigates them through the realty process. As you, loved ones and friends need exceptional realty advisement to sell or buy a property, contact Marcie at (321) 698-1794. She's looking forward to servicing you!

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