Creating the Perfect Home Office

December 28, 2020

In June of 2020, a staggering 42% of U.S. workers were working from home full-time. Even prior to the impacts of COVID-19, remote work was gaining in popularity with a 173% increase between 2005 and 2018, according to Review 42’s Work Statistics. As workers report higher productivity at home, it’s likely that remote work will remain popular even after the pandemic’s end. 

No matter what kind of work they’re doing, remote workers spend the majority of their days in their home offices, and with the likelihood of remote work remaining popular, the beginning of 2021 may be the perfect time to revamp your workspace to be more productive and stylish. Here are five design trends to improve your home office. 

Maximizing Natural Light

An increase in time at home may also mean an increase in feeling trapped at times. Natural light helps people feel calm, centered, and less restless. It also helps you look picture perfect for every video call. Take down the thick and heavy curtains and replace them with lighter, semi-opaque curtains that allow more sunlight through. While more minimalistic in design, these curtains can be embellished with detailed work with tassel trims and subtle patterns.

Minimalist Decor

When designing a home office, it is easy to go overboard with gadgets, organizers, calendars, and decorations. Overdecorating causes clutter that can be overwhelming and increase stress. Ultimately, these additions can become distractions from work and lead to a decrease in productivity. It is important to be selective with the items placed in your home office. Choose items like small plants and family photos that induce creativity and inspire an increased work ethic. Make sure to declutter daily so your office space can stay pristine for a fresh start every day.


In order to decrease clutter, it is essential that there is sufficient storage space in your home office. While built-in storage is ideal, there is no need to invest in an entirely new desk; portable cabinets are perfect for holding clutter. Stylish shelving options are another great way to store clutter in an aesthetically pleasing manner that doesn’t hinder productivity. At the end of the day, putting away work items in cabinets and shelves helps to separate work from home life and allows the time and space for relaxation.

Comfortable Seating

Given remote workers spend eight or more hours a day in their home office, it is essential that they have comfortable seating options. Ergonomic chairs are popular and are becoming more stylish with time, but if they don’t fit your home office’s design, there are still a variety of other comfortable options available. Often, just using a decorative throw pillow or seat cushion can increase comfort while maintaining a stylish design. Some interior designers even encourage the addition of a chaise or ottoman to relax on when reading long reports. 

Bring Nature Indoors

Biophilic design has been a huge trend in the past several years. Incorporating biophilic elements into office design has been shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction by up to 15%. By adding a simple house plant to a home office, a remote worker can decrease stress while increasing productivity and air quality. When choosing the right plant for a home office, be sure to consider the amount of natural light the room gets and the amount of space available. 

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