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March 5, 2021

The latest issue of GG Magazine is now available. Explore this season’s edition of your global guide dedicated to highly motivated personalities who have dared to start over.

This season’s edition of GG is dedicated to rethinking priorities, making adjustments, and considering a fresh start. Launching during Women’s History Month, this edition celebrates several remarkable women who have taken the leap to start over.

Meet Veronica Chou, the young Chinese textile executive whose main focus is sustainability after deciding one night to sell her already successful business and launch a brand new sustainable fashion line. Become inspired by Columbian actress Sophia Vergara, the highest-paid Latin American businesswoman in Hollywood. Get introduced to the bold artist Tracy Emin who takes us through her life’s journey via her emotional art installations. This issue also takes us on an Italian road trip with author Julia Dettmer through Venice and Florence, and into the countryside, exploring the sleepy towns of San Gimignano and Montepulciano.

Veronica Chou: Mission Sustainable

Veronica Chou had an epiphany after a trip to Nepal where she took time to meditate, hike, and surrounded herself with nature. After years of experience as an executive opening 1,000 fashion shops all over China, this young businesswoman decided it was time for a break. She knew that whatever she did in the future would have to do with sustainability.

After returning from her trip in 2015, Veronica Chou sold her company Iconix China Ltd. and began focusing exclusively on the subject of sustainability. The mother of twins started her own clothing company, Everybody & Everyone, based in the U.S. selling size-inclusive women’s fashions. Her goal is to draw people’s attention to new, innovative, and sustainable materials. Click here to read more.

“We can make the right choice three times a day about what we eat – and what we wear. It’s important to keep that in mind.”


Sophia Vergara

Sofia Vergara became famous for being a strong woman who hardly misses an opportunity to laugh at her own weaknesses. According to Forbes Magazine, she earned a reported $43 million dollars last year. Growing up in Columbia and dealing with hardships made her the resilient woman she is today, challenging the hostile stereotype of the naive, superficial Latina. Click here to read more.

“She flirts, teases and provokes. In the studio, Sofia Vergara is a force of nature.”


Bold Art by Tracy Emin

Tracey Emin’s most recent work is a tent installation titled: “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995”. The installation conveys her entire life from birth up until this point, portraying her severely traumatizing rape and abortions. There is a mixture of love, violence, affection, desperation, and a longing for security in her work. Click here to read more.

“The Tent was her breakthrough. The defiant artist had become a star. Attractive, a little bit coarse, inquisitive, insecure, and audacious.”


Take an Italian Road trip

Join author Julia Dettmer on a peaceful road trip through Italy, journeying through the busy cities of Florence and Venice and into the sleepy countryside of San Gimignano and Montepulciano. Relax as you read about the Mediterranean vegetation from cypress trees to fields of poppies. Find inspiration for your next meal while reading about traditional pasta dishes and Brunello wine. Click here to read more.

News from the Global CEO

Sven Odia, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG, analyzes emerging trends coming out of the pandemic and how luxury real estate fits into that equation. One major global trend that has come to light is a large increase in median price with the existing home price in December 2020 increasing by 12.9 percent from just one year ago. “The number of properties on the market has reached a historic low, while demand by potential buyers has remained consistently high.”


For all these articles and more, you can view the full issue below or click here. Enjoy your read.

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