The Latest Edition of GG Magazine Takes a Look into the Future

January 3, 2020
The Latest Edition of GG Magazine Takes a Look into the Future - St. John's Parish Day School

At last: the latest issue of GG Magazine is now available. In keeping with the turn of the year, we ‘re looking ahead and devoting ourselves entirely to the topic of “the future” this issue.

Artificial intelligence, blockchains, bitcoins and tourists taking off to the moon – The world is moving faster than ever before with entire industries redefining themselves and functioning completely differently from how they did just a few years ago. Keeping up with these rapid changes requires a positive attitude and an open mind, which many industry leaders are already doing.

In this issue, you’ll meet the digital entrepreneur Caro Daur, who has created her own business in the social media world, supported by her community of two millions followers on Instagram. Get to know Sir James Dyson, the Gyro Gearloose and probably most successful inventor of our time, who transforms the most boring household appliances into sleek designer objects. Visit the new headquarters of the world’s biggest tech companies and discover architect David Adjaye’s latest project – a development in Abu Dhabi that will unite the world’s three Abrahamic religions.


Caro Daur

With discipline, natural charm and seemingly endless energy, Caro Daur has not only conquered the fashion world. In only four years, the social media icon has established herself as a worldwide brand supported by her two millions followers on instagram. A personal encounter with the digital entrepreneur  – and a profession that us still fighting for recognition. For more on Caro, click here.


David Adjaye

One of the most successful architects of our time, David Adjaye is known for controversial, complex projects. His next challenge is The Abrahamic House in Abu Dhabi: a Catholic church, a synagogue and a mosque in the heart of the conflict-ridden Middle East. For more insight into this world-renowned architect and his Abu Dhabi project, click here.


Tech Headquarters

It seems that technology isn’t the only arena where Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are vying for first place. These five tech giants are making bold statements with the designs of their new headquarters – walk-in sculptures housing visions for our future. Chem them out here.


Sir James Dyson

He’s the greatest inventor of our time. James Dyson has revolutionized the vacuum cleaner and the way we dry our hands and hair. Now, together with his son, Jake, he’s banking on robots and artificial intelligence. For a little insight on what they’re tackling now, click here.



Follow us into the new decade and get to know the future! For all these articles and more, visit one of our Engel & Völkers shops closest to you for a complimentary copy, or click here to access the digital issue. Enjoy your read.

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